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Palliative Care

  • TEJUS has been working towards the welfare of Cancer patients, especially for their blood requirements for a while now. However, it was a year ago, in 2014, when TEJUS started working for those terminally ill patients who had lost their hope to live, but had no choice but to live. These patients have exhausted their chances for cure, with all the possible treatment from Regional Cancer Center and so on, and resorted to stay in palliative care centers.

  • Palliative care is a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach that includes specialized medical care for people with serious illnesses. It focuses on providing patients with relief from the symptoms, pain, and stress of a serious illness.

  • Such patients who are kept in enrichment centers, more often than not, belong to poor families. The palliative care centers provide them with the required medicare, food, and shelter, which serve as support systems for the patients.

  • TEJUS has been actively contributing in this endeavor, by supporting a palliative care center called the Vallikunnu Palliative Clinic (MPM/CA/219/2014), in Kozhikode, Kerala. This clinic comprises of dedicated men and women taking care of over 158 ill-fated patients. TEJUS supports these patients with financial assistance to purchase medicines, and gives the best possible emotional and moral support to keep up the spirits of these ailing warriors.

  • Tejus has committed to support this palliative clinic for 5 years with current funds from the P K Gopala Menon Palliative Care Fund, P I Uma Devi Amma Palliative Care Fund, RWDI and E-team Informatica India (P) LTD, Technopark.

  • We would like to support more palliative care centers. To help us achieve that, we would also like our circle of volunteers/donors to expand.

    • Those who wish to know or support this noble cause may contact the following TEJUS members:
    • Mr. Brijesh: 9961434555

    • Mr. Ratheesh: 9497713175

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